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Албатрос - Созопол

 „Вдoхновленньй нашей любовью к Созопол и морю“


Hotel Albatros

Old Town 

The place where one goes to immerse oneself in romance and timelessness.

Comfortable and cozy family hotel located on a quiet cobbled street, next to the rocky beach, which offers a unique view of the picturesque islands of St. Ivan and St. Peter.
   The location of the hotel provides convenient and quick access to the central beach, all the sights of Old Sozopol and the Amphitheater, where the many art festivals of the rich cultural calendar of the city are held.

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Hote Albatros
New Town

„Inspired by everything beautiful“ – Hotel Albatross New Town

A cozy and hospitable family hotel, which has become a "collective image" of all Artists, whom we welcome with a smile and send with a friendly hug over the years. In the paintings on the walls, the designer furniture, the room numbers, the miraculous icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Infant, are invested not only the talent, but also part of the hearts of all the artists involved!

The place where you feel at home is located in a quiet place in the new part of town near the Central Beach, Harmani Beach and all communication points of Sozopol.


Ресторант Албатрос  „Събирателно място на весели и усмихнати любители на локална кухня, крафт бира, хубаво вино, авторски коктейли, ведро настроение и танцова музика“

От 1992 г. екипа ни полага всекидневни усилия за да задоволи апетита Ви с хармонични ястия, които осигуряват изключителни моменти на щастие.
Старателно подбираме свежи продукти от локални ферми и производители. Работим само и единствено с Черноморска риба, част от която е собствен улов. Зарзавата в салатите и коктейлите Ви са от нашата еко градина.

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Located 34 km south of Bourgas on a small peninsula, Sozopol is the oldest town on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Today, this charming place is a major tourist center, known for its hospitality, unique narrow streets with nineteenth-century stone and wooden houses and wonderful summer weather. While in July and August Sozopol is full of tourists, in the off-season it becomes again a quiet and romantic fishing village. This makes it a very attractive place for people with an artistic spirit.